Principal’s Message

Words cannot express how excited and honored I am to serve as the eighth principal of Douglas Southall Freeman High School. It is an honor to be a part of this extraordinary community.

I have been a member of the Freeman Family for several years and have quickly learned how tradition, diversity, excellence and pride blend to create a unique and special community and culture at DSF.  I have the privilege to work alongside an all-star team of teachers who are committed to our students and to the mastery of their craft. We are fortunate to collaborate with amazing parents and community members who provide an unmatched level of support for the school and its programs. Most importantly, I’ve come to know and love the incredible group of young people that call Freeman home each day. I am blown away by their talents, passion, commitment, spirit, perseverance and potential. It is a true joy to walk into work each day knowing I’ll be surrounded by such a group.

I believe that my role is one of support, specifically supporting students in their journey toward a successful and happy adulthood, supporting teachers as they fulfill their calling to guide our students toward reaching their potential, and supporting the community in our most important endeavor. I plan to devote my professional life to doing just that, empowering teachers, families and students to shape a school that unites and uplifts our community and prepares each student for greatness in every aspect of life after Freeman.

This work, preparing young people for success in this complicated world, is as important as it is challenging, so we must work together as a community toward that end.  I believe that the closer we work together, the better the outcomes will be for our kids.  I believe in working to help every student reach his or her full potential and that we have a responsibility as a community to support those around us as well as our own. With that approach, there is no limit to how much our students and school can succeed.

You can expect to hear a lot from me this year through weekly messages to families, social media posts, and through my presence at our school events.  I believe that keeping the Freeman Family informed and reminding us that all are welcome participants in a child’s education is one of my primary responsibilities. I hope that each time you hear from me, you know that every correspondence comes from a passionate educator who is in this position to help our student achieve his or her potential and who values that child as if he or she were one of my own.  I look forward to our partnership and to a continuing dialogue.

In Service to the Freeman Family,

Dr. John Marshall
Douglas S. Freeman High School